After green cleaning products company Method built a ground-breaking new factory on Chicago’s Southside, T Brand Studio, the content marketing arm of The New York Times, brought us in to tell the story of how it came to be and how it works to rejuvenate the land, the neighborhood, and the local labor force. We reported from the factory to write an article and collaborated with T Brand’s photographer and designers to bring it to life with interactive elements.

When choosing a location for its factory, Method had a vision to stimulate a local economy and tap into a community of motivated workers. It incorporated features such as an abundance of natural light, recreational areas and a rooftop garden to contribute to mental well-being.

The result is a workforce eager to learn and engage in the kind of creative problem solving that companies need to remain globally competitive, says Garry Embleton, vice president of operations and supply chain at Method. More and more, studies show that employees desire mission and purpose in their work lives.

“When you walk into this factory, you’re contributing to something bigger,” says Embleton.

Read this interactive feature on the website of The New York Times:


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