We wrote an article for IDG client Hewlett Packard Enterprise on how infrastructure as code speeds innovation. It ran in IDG’s InfoWorld.

A single large technology company working in the healthcare industry might handle more than 20 petabytes of data in thousands of data centers. Healthcare providers typically interact with that data through mobile apps operating in the cloud, which in turn add to and update databases hosted on premises. Deploying and modifying apps quickly, reliably and seamlessly is more than just good business for companies in this space. It can also mean the difference between life and death for the patients who rely on it.

How can such companies ensure that the transition now underway from the hosting of data on premise to the future of IT—the cloud—goes smoothly, without any interruption of the life-giving service they provide?

The solution, rolled out by HPE at Discover, and more than three years in the making, bridges the gap between on premise and cloud-based resources by allowing IT engineers to assemble and stand up infrastructure at cloud speed. This is a new architecture called Composable Infrastructure—complete IT environments that are dynamically built from available pools of resources on demand.

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