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The New York Times‘ T Brand Studio engaged us to tell the story of IT transformation for Dell EMC through a pair of Q&As with experts. We found the experts, conducted the interviews, and wrote up the Q&As.

As part of our series on IT Transformation, Forrester analyst Nigel Fenwick (pictured) discusses the key role of IT infrastructure that is designed for continuous change in meeting today’s business demands. A leading researcher on digital transformation, business strategy and innovation, as well as an advisor to CIOs and CEOs, Fenwick lectures around the world and is frequently quoted in major publications. He has been with Forrester since 2006.

Nigel, let’s start with the big picture. What are the digital disruptive forces occurring in the marketplace today?

Two things, and they’re tied together. Technology is exponentially improving in power and dropping in cost, so there’s this fundamental change in what technology can do today, compared to what it was even 10 years ago. The other force is we’re all using these smart devices. They’re able to change the nature of the engagement with the customer. As new apps are updated, they allow you to get new experiences and change the expectations about what’s possible. And expectations are rising so fast that companies must evolve their digital experiences or the perceived value goes down over time.

How will these changes impact organizations?

If you don’t continuously evolve the digital experience, you’re delivering diminishing value over time. At the same time, all the things in the operational side of the business that aren’t even close to the customer have to be addressed as part of a digital transformation.

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