About Our Team

Michael Belfiore

CEO, Editor-in-Chief
Michael has written stories on technology breakthroughs for Reuters, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, National Geographic, New Scientist, Scientific American, CNN, and many other outlets. He’s the author of the first mass market books on both the commercial space race and DARPA, the Pentagon agency behind the Internet and self-driving cars. He founded Robot Lotus to bring his expertise as a journalist covering science fiction coming true to the marketing campaigns of trailblazing technology companies working to make the world a better place.

Marykate Marley

Business Development, Writer
Marykate’s journalism career began at Men’s Journal in the editorial department as a researcher, fact checker, assistant to editors and writer. Her experience with the publication inspired her to earn a bachelor’s degree in digital media & journalism. She now writes on a wide range of topics including technology, humanitarian matters, health, and fashion. Marykate combines her interview and interpersonal skills to connect with clients whose objectives mirror the values of Robot Lotus.

Jay O’Connell

Design Strategy, Writer
Jay O’Connell’s long-term freelance career has included software development, branding and web design, and UX and design thinking for Fortune 50 clients. Throughout this he’s worked as a creative, technical and contract writer. A spate of stories and non-fiction pieces on wearable computing brought his work to a national audience in all three nationally distributed science fiction magazines (Asimov’s, Analog, F&SF) and his work has appeared online at Slate and other publications. He enjoys working in the overlap between design thinking and branding, design fiction and near-future SF, finding energy and inspiration in all three domains.

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